Performing a Website Stress Test

A website is a complex mixture of different components. You have the front end application running on a machine somewhere in the world. There is a Database server accessed by the application which again in somewhere else in the world. What connects them is the network, usually the internet. You could have a load balancing technology implemented using more the one servers. You might have client-side or server-side processing. Every single component has to be tested for its stress bearing efficiency before the final release.

A Database server on website would probably be accessed by thousands of users across the world. There are people using different hardware configuration, different operating system. It is the same case when it comes to a Website, mobile app or a cloud application. Stress testing will help you find out the behavior under different stress levels and help you device a way to handle these conditions. The results produced by the Load testing and Stress testing tools can provide valuable inputs to the software development team to act upon in terms of fine tuning their code and technology, according to the website

All you need is an enterprise performance and load-testing tool to rigorously test the website before its launch. These testing tools are capable of subjecting hundreds of virtual users accessing the website simultaneously and list out the bottlenecks if any for the development team to work on. Stress testing is a bridge between the development and smooth transition to launch. These stress testing tools are capable of spiking up the user volumes much more that its maximum capacity to find out if how the website handles the spikes. It is a small investment that leads to positive user experience. In a way it is similar to releasing a beta version among a group of known voluntary user and check how the website responds before its final launch. Rigorous testing has turned out to be an important part of the development cycle which cannot be over looked.